Saturday, July 10, 2010

Phantom of the Opera Flats

And now for the next inspiration, the Phantom of the Opera!  A classic musical that I'm sure everyone's heard of, all involving a certain man with a certain mask.

This was a fun pair, though difficult to start with at first.  These shoes have been painted over with a very flexible black fabric acrylic paint, so the texture is different from most fabric shoes.  Additionally, the texture of the figures and the texture of the black paint are one and the same, so there are no tactile differences. 

I had never done text before, but it was very awarding when the brush met the shoe.  A liner brush works true wonders in these kinds of situations, and I now love my new paintbrush after its stellar performance.  Also did a bit of blending technique here to transition between the blue and white elements of the text.

Overall a fun piece, and an refresher from my usual anime / video game inspired works. 

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