Saturday, June 5, 2010

Polka Dot Flats of the Late Klavier!

I haven't been here in a while, huh?  Well to celebrate, here's some new shoes!  Introducing Klavier Gavin of the Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice game!  He's quite the charmer, prosecutes as his main job AND leads his own band on the side?  Now that's a multi-talented man of justice!

If you haven't played the Ace Attorney series - as I'm sure many of you have, or have been asked to - you really should consider.  You play a defense attorney and your goal is to prove your defendant innocent.  You often go to the scene of the crime and play roles as an investigator as well, collecting evidence to use in your trials.  The dialogue is top notch and your cases really unravel in an interesting way.  Worth a check out.

I tried out a liner brush for this pair - with extremely satisfying results.  I can now outline in colors, besides black, a huge improvement!  As you can see here, Gavin sports light brown outlines.  I incorporated a bit of wet blending in too - that's where you apply different shades of color on top of a wet base, resulting in smooth blends between the two colors.  You can see it in Gavin's hair - and it's quite sexy.

There's one more thing that I added - lately, it seems all of my Ace Attorney shoes have the "Objection!" bubble on them.  This pair's no different, but there is a twist...

The phrase is in German.  Just a change of pace, you know?  Just a quick note that these bubbles are actually excruciatingly painful to do.  There's a lot of work that goes into insuring the accuracy in that small space.  And one slip up is very hard to fix. 

My greatest regret is sending these away!  Not that that should matter too much... a man has little use for shoes like these.

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