Sunday, September 5, 2010

C.C. Converse

What's that, two posts in two days?  That never happens!  But it's crunch time over here, and I'm on a mission to make as many shoes as possible for NDK!  Here's the ever beautiful C.C. and her best plush friend Cheese-Kun from Code Geass!

I loved this series.  LOVED IT.  I'd come home from school, watch the new episode, and rinse that process like a ritual until the series was over.  Gundams with rollerblades + mind screwing powers + hot fanservice = awesome show.  And all of this is played in the backdrop of political turmoil between nations.  This series is really something else.

I don't know if I've stated this before, but I really don't like using black unless I've got a reason behind it.  Thus, C.C. is not outlined in black.  The green outlines are actually the unpainted shoe canvas.  I was planning to outline it later, then decided that this effect was pretty cool, so I kept it.  And of course, I had her eating pizza.  I couldn't just have her NOT eating pizza - she's always eating pizza.  Always.  Where does that pizza go?  A question best left unanswered.

On the other shoe, we have Cheese-kun, the official mascot of Pizza Hut and the official hug buddy for C.C.  He doesn't really do anything except serve as product placement, but a friend of mine really loves Cheese-kun, so I felt obligated to put it there.  And yes, Cheese-kun's hat is black.  Though technically, it's a very dark gray.

If you're interested in picking them up, these are a size 9 in women's, or a size 7 in men's.

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  1. I'd pick them up but sadly I'm a size 11 and a half in mens