Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Flats of Haruhi Chan

Hey, does everybody still remember when that crazy anime, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, hit the shelves and swept the nation?  Well, it may not be as popular now... but I still love that show.  Hence why I decided to make these flats for NDK! 

The art style is based off of the mini Youtube series of the show, not the original anime.  There's something really cute about the miniseries - or maybe I just like Haruhi based spinoffs a lot.  But it's a great little show with hilarious humor.  And of course, that 10 second intro is the best intro ever.

I based all the art on these shoes from the first episode, where Kyon tries to sleep and Haruhi dressed in a dog suit tries to help by having the Mikuru sheep be counted.  So here, Haruhi is dressed as a dog...

And here, you can see several Mikuru sheep on the sides of the shoes.  Because Mikuru as a sheep is adorable and we need to have her play the fanservice role without being sexy sometimes.  Here's a closeup.

These are in a women's size 6.  They didn't sell, so they will be sold here!  Send an email if you are interested in purchasing them - they will be $25 plus shipping.

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