Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Flats of Haruhi Chan

Hey, does everybody still remember when that crazy anime, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, hit the shelves and swept the nation?  Well, it may not be as popular now... but I still love that show.  Hence why I decided to make these flats for NDK! 

The art style is based off of the mini Youtube series of the show, not the original anime.  There's something really cute about the miniseries - or maybe I just like Haruhi based spinoffs a lot.  But it's a great little show with hilarious humor.  And of course, that 10 second intro is the best intro ever.

I based all the art on these shoes from the first episode, where Kyon tries to sleep and Haruhi dressed in a dog suit tries to help by having the Mikuru sheep be counted.  So here, Haruhi is dressed as a dog...

And here, you can see several Mikuru sheep on the sides of the shoes.  Because Mikuru as a sheep is adorable and we need to have her play the fanservice role without being sexy sometimes.  Here's a closeup.

These are in a women's size 6.  They didn't sell, so they will be sold here!  Send an email if you are interested in purchasing them - they will be $25 plus shipping.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Where's Perry?

Those of you at NDK today may have noticed a very familiar green platypus / secret agent at the Artist's Alley... Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb!

Great show - it's got great characters, great stuff for the parents and the kids, and an excellent humor.  I've had my laugh out loud moments watching this show.  Favorite character of all time?  Hm... probably Candace.  She's funny in the way that you know she will fail every time to catch the two main characters.  Well, maybe "fail" is a harsh word, but her success rate is pretty low...

I went for a simple design here similar to the Pedobear shoes - Perry has a very simplified, yet distinct face, so I wanted to keep that immediacy in the shoes.  You can pretty much tell from a while away that is is Perry the Platypus and Agent P at work.  I'm sure kids will love it!

In a size 8 if you were wondering.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Starter Pokemon Double Tongue Converse

Am I on a role or what?  Well, I guess I have to be.  Selling things is a tough biz you know!  Going to wrap the Labor Day weekend up with some sweet nostalgia inducing Pokemon shoes!

If you're reading this blog post, then you probably have a good idea of the basis of Pokemon - run around with your battle creature to catch more battle creatures, battle other creatures and earn prizes and cash that you can use ... on your battle creatures.  This was an ingenious concept when Pokemon Red and Blue came out in 1996, and the series is STILL going strong well into 2010.  And of course, I still love Pokemon.

To celebrate their long years, I made a pair of shoes showing all the starter Pokemon from the days of Red and Blue all the way up to the 4th generation in Diamond and Pearl.  Each side of the shoe features a different generation.  So we have the Kanto starters...

Johto Starters...


Hoenn starters...


and Sinnoh starters.

Despite the small sizes of the Pokemon, these took a while to make!

These will be at NDK and are made for those with an abnormal shoe size: women's size 10 or men's size 8.

Pedobear Flats

Yes, I tapped into the power of that dreaded internet board, 4chan, and connected it into a pair of shoes.  What happened to me?!  In any case, most of you who are familiar with the darker alleys of the internet should know this famous character, Pedobear.

Sadly, my words cannot do justice to this vile, immoral, yet lulz inducing animal.  Click here to get to the Wikipedia article on Pedobear.

The entirety of this shoe was custom painted - nobody sells shoes in Pedobear brown for some reason, so everything you see here has been hand painted on.  And of course, like all of my other shoes, this is waterproof if you ever get stuck in rain.  (No jumping in mud though - that will ruin your shoes, regardless of whether it was customized or not.)

Available in size 7 for those of you who have the guts to watch small children stare at your shoes in curiousity, and for parents to look down at your feet and say "Aw, these are so cute!"

Sunday, September 5, 2010

C.C. Converse

What's that, two posts in two days?  That never happens!  But it's crunch time over here, and I'm on a mission to make as many shoes as possible for NDK!  Here's the ever beautiful C.C. and her best plush friend Cheese-Kun from Code Geass!

I loved this series.  LOVED IT.  I'd come home from school, watch the new episode, and rinse that process like a ritual until the series was over.  Gundams with rollerblades + mind screwing powers + hot fanservice = awesome show.  And all of this is played in the backdrop of political turmoil between nations.  This series is really something else.

I don't know if I've stated this before, but I really don't like using black unless I've got a reason behind it.  Thus, C.C. is not outlined in black.  The green outlines are actually the unpainted shoe canvas.  I was planning to outline it later, then decided that this effect was pretty cool, so I kept it.  And of course, I had her eating pizza.  I couldn't just have her NOT eating pizza - she's always eating pizza.  Always.  Where does that pizza go?  A question best left unanswered.

On the other shoe, we have Cheese-kun, the official mascot of Pizza Hut and the official hug buddy for C.C.  He doesn't really do anything except serve as product placement, but a friend of mine really loves Cheese-kun, so I felt obligated to put it there.  And yes, Cheese-kun's hat is black.  Though technically, it's a very dark gray.

If you're interested in picking them up, these are a size 9 in women's, or a size 7 in men's.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Axel / Roxas Pumps

I've been out for a while and relaxing for the past few weeks.  But NDK's coming in seven days, so it's time to get back to work!  This pair is made for those of you who don't mind putting a few extra inches on your height - please welcome one of your favorite Kingdom Heart pairings, Axel and Roxas!

Kingdom Hearts is a great series, though I have sadly have only beaten 358/2 Days out of the series.  I also avoided it like the plague when it first came out - I avoid things that are over-hyped, and wait 'til the craze dies down before I invest myself into a series.  I am still surprised by its great success, but I guess when you put the heads of Square Enix and Disney together, great things happen..  I had a lot of fun going through all the Disney worlds and visiting the characters I watched as a wee child.  It's nice wish fulfillment packed in a really big story.

Despite being a guy, I really like Axel and Roxas as a pairing.  Like, they belong together - it's kind of cute watching the two interact.  So to commemorate that, I put them together on these pairs of shoes facing each other.  It's too bad they're separated, but they'll always belong to the same pair.

And for those of you who are more... suggestive about this pairing, I've added an meme-tastic double rainbow to satisfy you.  What does it mean?  You can figure that out.

Will be sold at NDK next week.  They're in a size 8 if you were wondering.